It’s “hello” from us.  Paige Collins, Director at Warren House Chartered Accountants welcomes you to our first blog.  We’re spreading the word about how we can support your business, how our practice can help you – and why WHA is so much more than an accountancy business.   

Here We Are

Time, as they say, always moves on. And, with the new year, comes a brand-new business.  I’m the Founding and Managing Partner at Warren House Chartered Accountants (WHA), and I’m working with a terrific team. We’d all like to offer you a warm welcome to our new blog page.  

Happy New Year.  

I hope that 2021 brings you and your family the success and ongoing good health that you all deserve.  Last year was a challenging one, but we’re focused on embracing the opportunities and the positives that the next 12 months can bring us.

I know that the team are as excited as I am at the prospect of engaging with our clients and to building strong relationships not only with the supportive customers who’ve “come with us”, but also those we’ve yet to meet. 

We’re going to be publishing regular blogs, full of (we hope) interesting and useful information for you to enjoy. May we ask you to share these articles with others?  Also, why not engage with us?  Do let us know if there are any blog topics or ideas that you’d like us to cover. 

WHA is going to be extremely client-focused, so if we can offer you information that adds value in some way, we will.

In my first blog I thought I’d introduce you all to WHA, fill you in on what our practice offers, and, if you’ll indulge me, highlight our vision – and how we stand out from the crowd in a busy sector. 

How We Got Here 

I’m Paige Collins. 

As most of you probably know, as the former Senior Partner at one of the top 100 firms of Chartered Accountants in the UK, I have nearly 40 years’ experience of advising clients on all aspects of their financial affairs.  It was an outstandingly satisfying role, and one that I’ll always look back on with pride. 

However, on a personal note, I’ve always believed that fate offers us the people, places and things that work best for us, although we may not know it at the time.  So, we listened to our instincts, and when the seed was sown to start our own accountancy practice, the transition made sense.   

And so it has proved – for all of us here.

The Warren House Difference – It’s Not Just About the Numbers

I have a 7-strong team of like-minded people around me. I see myself more as a “financial engineer” than an accountant.  I’m delighted that we all share these values.  In fact, we have so much in common. 

Such as? 

Well, for example, there’s one thing we all agree on: 

That cloud-based technology (Making Tax Digital) plus human expertise can, and often does – take care of your compliance and your full responsibilities to HMRC.

Therefore, we want to go further.  Our team aims to focus on the human side of things. Which means meeting our clients regularly (virtually at the moment, of course) to listen, engage, empathise and understand what’s going on in the lives of our clients, to see how we can help them plan ahead.  

I’m dismayed when I hear that so many accountants don’t make proper contact their customers year-on-year.  It shouldn’t be like that.

WHA isn’t just an accountancy practice, although of course we’ll take care of your:

  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Company secretarial
  • Corporate and personal tax
  • Trust tax
  • Tax planning and mitigation

Where I feel we offer something different is in our distinct business culture.  This is about people first.  Likewise, our focus on delivering services in a more personal way than most accountants have historically done.   

Let me explain.

The Whole Picture – Not Just Part of It

We’ll aim to see your business holistically.  

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a cliché.  

But it simply means that we’ll examine your enterprise as a whole, and assess how it could better serve your needs, and those of your family.  And ideally, with more planning, how you could achieve financial security, or even have the time to do the fun things in life. 

Talk to us about where you are now and where you’d like to be; what you’d like to earn, and even your 5-year plan. Do you have one? We can advise on profit extraction, pension contributions, savings, offer strategic business advice – all those vital aspects that contribute to your financial security.

Who Do We Work With?

Owner-managers within the SME sector, as well as high net worth individuals are WHA’s core client base. This aside, do get in touch.  We’re inclusive and we fully support diversity.  In particular, we’d be delighted to expand opportunities within the LGBTQ+ community.

Whilst we’re based in Horsham and of course, can support the needs of West Sussex-based clients and the surrounding areas, we’re well connected with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce and of course happy to work with people in Brighton and Hove business community.

And Our Name?

“Warren House” arrived fully formed in my mind, I think.  

It’s a strong business name that I’ve long connected with positive associations and which works really well for us. 

Let’s focus on the future – your future. Your most recently submitted accounts?  They’re the past, they’re gone.  My mantra: “you can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can change the angle of the sail”.

Paige Collins

January 2020