Often, accountants are thought to focus solely on historical information due to compliance requirements. At Warren House Accountants, we believe we can provide you with so much more. Accountancy services should be forward-thinking, focussing on the future earning potential of your business and how to achieve this rather than exclusively looking at past performance. To help your business thrive financially, we provide a service whereby we work with you ‘in’ rather than just ‘on’ your business. What does this mean?

Forward planning is key to determine the strategic direction of your company and recently Liv Thornton and Tom Fairfax from Warren House Accountants were certified to offer a Virtual Finance Director (VFD) service to clients. As part of our VFD service, we will provide an in-depth analysis of a wide range of key performance indicators varying from customer retention to business growth models. Both Liv and Tom will be able to critically analyse your financials, your company performance, operations, etc., and will be able to discuss various factors in your business that may need more attention.

We believe it is paramount to take a holistic view of the accountancy process and gain an understanding of your vision for not only your company but for you as a business owner.  All too often there is a tendency for business owners to avoid planning an “exit strategy” for themselves. When you manage the day-to-day operations of your company, planning a successful exit strategy is likely to be very low down on your list of priorities. Having an exit strategy is very important for the future of you and your company, and we could tailor an exit strategy for you depending on your future goals.

As a company director or partner, your role should be to concentrate on the skills that have enabled you to deliver the success that you have so far. Analysing your business should be our role. We have the expertise and the unique perspective that allows us to forecast, develop growth models, and monitor financial performance so that we can future-proof your business, whilst you have more time to run your business.

We are here to provide support to all our clients. If your business is in its infancy, more established, or if you are ready to start planning to take a step back and retire from your company, contact us here or give us a call on 01444 716946. We can help you to develop a plan for both your, and the financial future of your company.